Decorative way to display pictures

I’ve done a post similar to this before, but I love this idea so much more that I just had to share it. On Pinterest I found the idea of using twinkle or Christmas lights as a decorative way of displaying pictures.

Necessary items to complete the project:

*A strand of lights in the color of your choice

*Clothes pins

*Push pins

*Photographs of your choice

You will start by using push pins to hold the string of lights along the wall, making sure that the end can reach an outlet, or adding an extension cord if necessary.

Next you can choose the photographs you would like to display. Grab some clothes pins and start hanging between the bulbs on the lights.

If you want to dress up the project even more you can paint the clothes pins or you can glitter them as I did.

Now you can display a large array of photos without the need of nail holes and without the expense of picture frames.

Now enjoy your beautiful decor by the delicate light!

decorative light and photo display