Greeting Cards Display

Greeting cards are used for almost every occasion these days, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, get well, thank yous, weddings, and graduations, just to name a few. And over the years I have amassed quite a collection of cards in a shoe box. Now I haven’t saved every card I’ve gotten, but I have saved meaningful and beautiful ones.

I’ve often tried to come up with ideas of how to keep them out without taking up display room or getting beat up. While browsing on Pinterest I found the great idea of binding the greeting cards together.

The supplies you will need are a paper hole puncher (I used my heart shaped one), and something to bind it. You can use, metal rings if you plan on binding a large a mount, or a pretty ribbon, or string. You can get these things at office supply stores and craft stores.

Then all you need to do is punch two holes in the greeting cards in the same area and bind the cards together with your choice of material.

You can also do multiple booklets of them with a theme in each of them, birthday cards, wedding cards, graduation cards, Christmas cards.

The project length depends on the amount of cards, but it can be done in about 5-15 minutes generally speaking. It’s cheap because you only have to invest in something to bind them together with, so it is possible to do the project with $5 or less.

Finished book

I used sparkly white craft string to bind my favorite Christmas cards.
You can also just bind together the covers of the cards, if there is no sentimental value in the card, but you enjoy the artwork.