T-shirt Bracelets

A while back i posted how to make a t-shirt scarf, and I’ve found yet another way to recycle old t-shirts. On Pinterest I found a way to make jewelry with just t-shirt sleeves.

You’ll need the sleeves of t-shirts cut into 3 strips.


Start by making a simple knot tying the fabric together, then begin to weave the fabric over eachother- moving the right strand over the middle strip, followed by the left strand until your braid is finished.

Knot the end of the braid and weave one strand of fabric into the finished braid to hook them together.

Finished bracelet

Total cost- $5 or less. Time required: 5-10 minutes.

Now you can make a matching scarf and bracelet all from one shirt, or mix and match colors to add a little individuality.