The Bucket List

Lately I’ve noticed a very popular trend on Pinterest, bucket lists. I think keeping a bucket list is a neat idea, but I wanted something a little less virtual for displaying my bucket list and reminding myself of my aspirations.

So when I found the idea to create a way to display my bucket list I was excited. This project requires a  larger amount of supplies that past posts,  but it’s worth it. This project is somewhat of a two for one post, as I’ll tell you how to decorate even more with your bucket list.

You’ll need chicken wire, a picture frame (I used an 8 1/2×11), preferably made out of wood, wire cutters, a stapler, a small bucket, clothespins, and if you want to decorate your clothespins, paint brushes, mod podge, and glitter.


Now if you want to add a little bit of personality to your clothespins you can paint them, or paint them with glitter. To paint them with glitter you first start by using a small paintbrush to paint on mod podge (you can buy mod podge at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Walmart). After painting a layer of mod podge you can then take another paint brush and brush on the glitter over the glue. Now you have a sparkly way to display your dreams and aspirations.

Now before moving on to the next part I cannot stress enough that when working with chicken wire you NEED to wear gloves, preferably work gloves, but the main idea is to have your hands protected. Now I purchased the chicken wire at Fleet Farm (they also sell wire cutters there), a sizable roll will run you about $6-7. I also recommend you purchase the hexagon shape chicken wire as that is what will work best for the project.

Once you’re ready to cut the chicken wire you will use wire cutters to cut the chicken wire into a piece a little bit larger than the frame you purchased for the project. You will need the extra wire to staple the wire to the frame.

After cutting down your wire you will remove the back of your picture frame and the glass as well. Then you will staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame, a heavy duty stapler is best for the project, but a regular one will work (it’s just not as sturdy).

back of the picture frame

After securing the chicken wire you can turn the frame back over. Because I used a thicker frame I decided to write bucket list on the top with a Sharpie paint marker, you can find this at any local craft store, I believe I purchased mine at Michaels.

Then you can take the clothespins that you’ve previously painted in glitter and use them to display the items you wish to put on your bucket list. You can also hook a small bucket to your bucket list with a clothespin or you can use an ornament hook to attach it to the frame as well. I purchased my bucket at Hobby Lobby for $2. After you do something on your bucket list you can drop it in the bucket for safe keeping.

Finished project

This project can be completed in the $10-25 range depending on how much of the supplies you need to buy. The entire project can be completed in 30 minutes, less if you just use regular clothespins.

I think this is a cute way to display and remind yourself of all the things you want to do. I believe that if you have something to look at each day reminding you of your goals and aspirations you are more likely to try harder to get to them.

So write down your goals and dreams and get out there and accomplish them!