“Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love flowers, they are beautiful. They can also make a great accessory. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t really allow for fresh flowers. So I look for other ways to incorporate faux flowers into my accessories and decorations.

I found a great idea on Pinterest to make felt flowers that can be used for a number of projects. This is a relatively simple project with using felt to make flowers that I then glued on a headband.

The supplies you’ll need for this will be a couple pieces of felt in the colors you so desire, fabric glue or super glue, headbands, and scissors (fabric scissors are easier for cutting, but regular ones work just fine). You can get the fabric at a local craft store, Hobby Lobby, or  even a dollar store, I purchased my felt at Loopy’s Dollar store for this project. Super glue and headbands can be found at craft stores or Target or Walmart.

The first step will be to trace around the outer edge of a CD with a pencil on the piece of felt. Then cut around the tracing so you have a circle to start with. Next you’ll need to cut a spiral into the circle about 1/2 inch thick.

spiral cut

After cutting this spiral you will need to roll it together starting with the outside of the spiral rolling it inward until you reach the end which you will glue to the rose. After completing the rose you can then cut a piece of the felt a little bigger than a quarter and use that to glue the rose to the headband. You can use fabric glue, but I prefer super glue in  this project.


I’ll also show you a second version of this flower you can make with more petals defined petals. This one takes a little bit longer, but the finished project is neat. Again you will start with a piece of felt and trace a CD onto the felt. Next you will draw small petals around the circle as shown below.

defined petal flowers

You will then need to cut around each of the petals and then cut the felt into a spiral as you did before.

petals and spiral cut out

Next you will start with the beginning of the spiral again and will roll it inward again until you reach the end of the petals and then you will cut of the rest of the spiral. Then you will glue the end of the petals and use another small piece of felt again to glue around the headband.

finished product

The whole project can be done in a half hour or less for under $5. A cheap and easy way to accessories or even a cheap, but thoughtful gift for friends or family.

This is a cute way to make a more individualized headband and accessory. It’s can also make a great gift!

Added style to a simple headband

And thanks to my sister Olivia for modeling the headband even though she’d just spent 10 hours in the car that day.