So Much To Do, So Little Time

I’ve always been a fan of making lists. Especially to do lists that can keep me organized and on schedule. I’d have to say that I inherited my list making from my mother. And as she can attest to all too often, paper lists can often get lost. Or at least she thinks she loses them, however momentarily it is.

That being said, I also tend to loose things, especially anything I actually need. While technology has made it easier to keep things organized, with cell phones, computers, and cameras, I have to say a good old fashioned white board is a great place for a to do list.

While a white board won’t break the bank, I wanted something a little more creative and a little more me. So when I found an idea for an individual take on Pinterest, I was excited.

All you need is a picture frame of any size, a piece of paper, in whichever color you prefer and dry erase markers.

I chose a 8×10 frame for a medium size space and a yellow piece of paper to brighten things up.

Using standard paper you will need to trim it down a little to fit the frame. After placing it inside the frame and closing it you can now write on the glass and use the frame as a white board. Once you’ve accomplished something on your list you can wipe it right off.

This project can be done under $10, and that’s including the frame, paper, and markers if you keep it in the 8×10 size or smaller. I got the frame and markers at Target for $7.

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