The Sock Monster

Without fail, every time I do laundry I seem to lose or misplace at least one sock. So at the end of my laundry folding I have a pile of mismatched socks that generally end up thrown in one of my dresser drawers. Often I forget where I’ve placed the single sock if I do come across it’s mate.

Now I know I am not the only one who has suffered the phenomenon of the missing sock. My mother in fact still makes comments about the supposed sock monster that resides in her laundry room. Others I know have stated that the dryer must have ate it.

But on occasion I do find that missing sock and am able to have the matching pair again, if I can find the one I never lost in the first place.

So I’ve made another creation from Pinterest, of a plaque with clothespins to hold until I find it’s missing mate. This project can be done with just a few supplies. To create this I used a wood plaque, stencils, clothespins, spraypaint, wood glue, and a marker. These supplies can be bought at your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, or Walmart.

I spray painted my wood plaque hot pink, and traced the lettering for the words lost socks. I would strongly recommend using paint for the lettering, but I didn’t have the color I wanted to use, so I decided to use a black marker.  The marker worked, but doesn’t dry as well, or color as great over a spray paint. I will be purchasing paint to go over the lettering later.


I used stencils for the lettering just because I wanted a cleaner lettering. You could also put what ever you wanted as the label, sock monster victims, missing socks, missing mate, etc. I had a limited amount of space so lost socks was what fit best.

The last step to the project is gluing clothespins to the bottom of the plaque for keeping the lost socks. You can put as many or as few as you want on there. If you want you can paint the clothespins as well. You want to glue 2/3 of the clothespin on the plaque for sturdiness. I recommend wood glue for this step.

finished product

After the clothespins dry you now have a place to keep your single socks until you find it’s missing mate.

This is a great project for keeping things organized and would make a great gift for anyone who’s lost a sock to the dreaded sock monster.