Quick last minute gifts

In this day in age, we are constantly on the go, so it’s no surprise that occasionally we may forget something once in a while. I have to admit to myself that every once in a while I forget a birthday or celebration that requires a gift.

I once read somewhere that a good go to gift is a candle, and have since stored extra candles, just in case. Many might say that guys wouldn’t exactly love the gift of a candle, but I think they enjoy candles more than they’d like to admit. Or maybe it’s just that they don’t like to admit why they are using them.

But as many people can confirm, I like to add a personal touch to my gifts. I think they offer more sentimental value than a movie out of the $5 bin or a shot bought at the bar. So today I used glitter to add a little color and fun to a cheap candle.This of course is another idea from Pinterest.

While glitter may sound messy, it’s a fairly mess free project. You’ll need just a few things to start- A candle, double sided tape, glitter, and a plate. The glitter can be found at Target, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels.


To start you’ll want to take a 7-9 inch strip of the double sided tape and wrap it around the candle. This can be done in many different ways, with as many strips of tape as you want. I chose a very basic design with four simple bands wrapping around the candle.

After doing this project myself, I would recommend just a few changes. First I would consider using paint brushes to paint the glitter on to the tape. Second I would recommend placing one strip of tape and then adding the glitter before adding the next strip. These are just a couple things that will make the project even easier.

glitter on plate

What I did next after applying the tape was to pour out my choice of glitter on to a plate. I chose blue today, as I
 felt it was the perfect color for the recipient of my gift. Before I realized that a paint brush would have been very helpful in this project, I used a different method. I poured glitter onto the plate and rolled the candle through it.
 I should mention that it does not take a lot of glitter, so don’t pour too much. I probably poured a little over a tablespoon out on to the plate and still had plenty left over. After covering the tape in glitter, I carefully brushed off the excess glitter between the tape to reveal my finished project.


The whole project took about 10 minutes including clean up. A decorated candle is a a quick, simple, and personal gift for the people you love.

finished candle