T-Shirt Scarf

As scarves continue in their popularity in fashion, Pinterest posts prompted me to make my very own. What is special about this scarf is that it requires no sewing, no knitting, no crocheting, it’s extremely simple. It’s also extremely fast. The project can be done in about 10-15 minutes.

This project requires only two things, a t-shirt and fabric scissors. You could probably use regular scissors, but I find that the project goes quite smoothly with fabric scissors.

The t-shirt can be the color of your choice, if you wanted to get really creative you could use a tye-dye shirt or multiple shirts to add colors to the finished product.

I chose a bright pink shirt I had picked up at Michaels for $5.

pink shirt

To start with you should cut the bottom seam off of the t-shirt and throw that away. Next you’ll need to cut approximately 1-2 inch strips across the shirt. Make sure you set one strip off to the side to be used later.

it’s important to remember while working on this project that in no way, shape, or form does your cutting need to be perfectly straight as you will be curling the ends towards each other later.

After cutting each strip it will be a solid loop as the side-seams hold it together. You’ll want to let the strips edges curl in together to add a cylinder like shape. I cut 13 strips, but the amount you cut is subject to your preference of thickness for your ending scarf, and how much shirt you have available to cut.

piece of shirt

After finishing the cutting, combine the loops of the t-shirt in one bunch together. Next you will need to take the strip you set off to the side and cut it open, making it one long piece of fabric.

cut loop into one long strip of fabric



Next you want to tie one end of the fabric in a knot around the bunch of strips you’ve made your scarf. After tying the knot you can wrap the string around the scarf repeatedly forming a small area that holds the entire scarf together. Once you near the end of the string knot it off again, using a piece of the scarf if necessary.


finished product

This easy and simple project is a fun way to inject a new style element in your wardrobe. It would also make a cute gift for a friend, just buy a shirt in their favorite color!


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