Decorative Glasses

As I delve more and more into Pinterest I continue to find a fountain of crafts, projects, and recipes I must try. Unfortunately finding time to complete them all is a never ending battle, so most often my posts must wait until the weekend.

Recently I saw a new way to create decorative glasses on Pinterest. It’s fairly simple and inexpensive as well. The project requires only 3 items- a set of glasses, rubber bands, and glass frosting.

The glasses can be bought anywhere, I used some old, cheap champagne glasses I had around that cost about $5, but any set will do. Rubber bands, or elastic bands can be bought at Walmart or Target for around a dollar. The glass frosting can usually be found at a craft store such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby for between $6 to $8. Ultimately the whole project can be done with $15 or less.

rubber banded in my design

I decided to try both thin rubber bands and thick ones too. As with most projects that I will be posting there will always be elements of individual preference.
 After placing the rubber bands on the glass I took the frosting spray and covered the glasses with the frost. When doing this you should hold the can at least eight inches from the glass. There are plenty of instructions on the outside of the can to read before starting your project. Also an important thing to note, paint thinner will remove the frost if you have any accidents while making the project. glasses after spraying
After spraying the glasses it is recommended to let them dry for 30 minutes. My glasses did not appear to be completely dry so I waited a little over an hour before removing the rubber bands. Once it was completely dry I could remove the rubber bands and was able to see the finished product.
finished product

This project can be done on more than just drinking glasses, but vases and bowls too. It adds a creative and unique touch to home decoration.

I personally liked the thicker bands after seeing my end result. I had four glasses to start with, but decided to frost two of them to start to chose the style I wanted to finish the others in. I ended my project with three thick banded glasses and one thin, I believe every group needs an odd ball. It makes projects like this individualized.
Overall this project is a fun, easy, and cheap way to add a little pizazz to every day household items and decorations.